Hop on the Campaign for Hip Sheriff

Music-packed benefit: Friday, April 29th, 2011
Minneapolis Artists Support Cheri Honkala for the “People’s Sheriff
Evictions and Sheriff’s-sale auctions of foreclosed properties are core issues for Cheri Honkala, this year’s Green Party candidate for Sheriff of Philadelphia. Originally from the Twin Cities, the two years that Cheri spent in Minneapolis between 2007 and 2009 strengthened her already firm resolve to struggle for the rights of homeowners during the onset of the foreclosure crisis.

The April 29th benefit at The Blue Nile in Minneapolis is one of many being held to support the Green Party candidate for Philadelphia Sheriff across the nation. Honkala is calling for people all over the country to run for Sheriff and put an end to evictions based in foreclosure in their communities. The candidate has received an outpouring of support from artists across the U.S., including the donation and dedication of original music to the campaign from artists Sir Ben Marx (NC), Shamako Noble (CA), Mic Crenshaw (OR) and many others. The election for Philadelphia Sheriff takes place in November, 2011.

The Blue Nile 2027 E. Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404-2245 612-338-3000

9pm-2am, 18+ $6
, Hosted by Truth Maze

Performances by Muja Messiah, DJ Turtle Neck, Pretty Ugly, Tshisuaka, & Whit

Contact :Souad Osman , owner of the Blue Nile, at 612-559-3181
Lynette Malles at 651-645-2195 lynettemalles@msn.com

Links to benefit performing artists:
http://www.prettyugly.me http://www.myspace.com/aballmuseprettyugly

People interested in learning more about the campaign can visit the website at http://CheriHonkala.com, follow the campaign on Twitter @Cheri4Sheriff or check out the Facebook page http://facebook.com/cheri4sheriff.


Myth of the American Dream

People aren’t buying it any more!
The American Dream of rags to riches, by virtue of hard work, motivated generations of immigrants and citizens to strive for the top. Its purpose was to silence dissent as corporations expanded and world empire grew to the point where today, over 700 U.S. military bases dot the globe. Our daytime reality is that an individual’s rise out of poverty requires loyal family ties, influential contacts, subsidized higher education, and social welfare support. The gap between rich and poor continues to widen…. the top 20 percent owns over 80 percent of all wealth.

What is shattering the Dream?
Popular political education is awakening people from the Real Nightmare that we  live. Gone is the social welfare safety net woven out of the Great Depression. Gone are over two million houses to foreclosure in 2009, more than three million to be recorded by the end of 2010. Gone are manufacturing jobs based in old technology-jobs that are not coming back. Gone, thanks to Julian, are secrets of how politicians and diplomats wield power. Gone, or swiftly disappearing, are our first amendment rights as peaceful dissent becomes a crime. The result? Hundreds of thousands of middle and low income families are falling into poverty. We overthrew a monarchy in the 18th century, but ours has never been a classless society.

A larger class is emerging from the dispossessed. This new class is comprised of vast numbers of the skilled and educated. Members of this group have known better days and want them back. MNPPEHRC volunteers are conscious members of this class struggling to survive without a safety net. Exploding technology enables us to network as never before.

So hang in there! As part of the U.S. Social Forum held in Detroit last June, the Poverty Summit PM created an Assembly of organizations committed to building a long-term economic justice movement to end poverty.

Stay tuned for reports back from the USSF Assembly to End Poverty in coming weeks!

Protest FBI Harassment of Peace Activists

National and Local protests and actions between Monday, November 29 and Friday, December 3rd, 2010.
Join Local Twin Cities Protest at Sen. Klobuchar’s office Dec. 2nd
to Keep Anh, Tracy & Sarah out of Jail!
Thursday, December 2
4:30 pm
1200 Washington Ave. S, Mpls
(see attached flier)
On Sept. 24, the FBI raided anti-war & international solidarity activists in Minneapolis & Chicago, then subpoenaed 14 people to appear before a Grand Jury investigating “material support of terrorism.” All are dedicated, highly principled long time activists. The grand jury is very dangerous. The original intent of grand juries was to protect a defendant from having to go through an arduous trial if there were no real evidence.  Now they tend to be political witch hunts.  They are held in secret, there is no judge present, the jurors are not screened for bias, and the individual being questioned does not have a lawyer present (the person can leave the room to consult with their lawyer, but the lawyer can not observe or speak).  Worse, the person can be asked anything, and can be charged with perjury for any lie.  Unlike a trial, questions do not have to be relevant.  If the person is granted immunity, they are forced to testify, or be jailed for contempt
The 14 activists were ordered to bring info with them on all their political contacts & activities here & around the world. This is an outrageous attack on the right of free speech and association! Naming names of activists they’ve met from places like Colombia and Palestine could jeopardize those activists’ safety at the hands of their oppressive governments. The people subpoenaed have not materially supported terrorism. All “pled the 5th” so the government temporarily suspended their subpoenas.
Now US Attorney Fitzgerald’s office says 3 of the activists – Anh Pham, Tracy Molm & Sarah Martin – will soon have their subpoenas reactivated. They’ll face the choice of participating in the witch hunt or going to jail indefinitely for ‘contempt’.
This must be stopped. Join us to demand that Senator Klobuchar pressure President Obama and Attorney General Holder to stop US Attorney Fitzgerald’s McCarthyist witch hunt. Demand that Sen. Klobuchar do all she can to keep Anh, Tracy and Sarah out of jail!

National: StopFBI.net
MN: mnstopfbi.wordpress.com
Petition: stopfbi.net/sign-the-petition
MN list serve: groups.google.com/group/stopfbi-mn
and, check your Spam folder!



From the National Committe to  Stop FBI Repression:
Many actions around the country are already planned and the list is growing! 
National List of Actions so far
We are calling for a week of action to “Call off the Grand Jury!  Stop the Witch Hunt!” for the week of November 29 – December 3. We are urging activists to focus on U.S. Congress people.  Demand that they take action to stop the Grand Jury.  Please protest at their Congressional offices or at a Federal Building.
Three activists from Minneapolis – Tracy Molm, Sarah Martin and Anh Pham – are being called back before the Grand Jury in Chicago, and we need to build a movement to defend these activists and the others being targeted by the FBI.
Chicago, IL, Monday, November 29th, 5533 N. Broadway, at U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky’s office. 
CSFR Delegation to visit the U.S. Senate, Wednesday, December 1st and Thursday, December 2nd, at the U.S. Capitol. 
Minneapolis, MN, Thursday, December 2nd, 4:30 PM, 1200 Washington Ave. S, at U.S. Senator Klobuchar’s office. 
Vancouver, Canada, Thursday, December 2nd
Seattle, WA, Thursday, December 2nd, 12:00 Noon, at the FBI offices, 1110 3rd Ave.
Washington D.C., Thursday, December 2, FBI Building, 935 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Milwaukee, WI, Friday December 3rd, 5:00 PM, Federal Building, 310 W. Wisconsin Ave, at U.S. Senator Kohl’s offices. 
San Jose, CA, Friday, December 3rd, 5:00 PM, San Jose Public Library, East San Fernando St. and South 4th St., ½ block from Federal Building
See you in the streets!

Foreclosure Victory at Last

Celebrate Linda’s victory 5:30pm Saturday, October 2nd, 2010, at the Norenberg’s
           Potluck dinner and bonfire

    2750 McNair Drive, Robbinsdale, MN        Phone: 763-529-3571 

Linda Norenberg’s remodification agreement is solid-she will remain in her family home as long as she wants! She is inviting all of you who supported her during those long, difficult months. Join us in congratulating her on the victory! Together with support from family and organizations and especially her lawyer, Linda stood her family ground and won. 
Leslie Parks will be onhand too as she continues to gain ground in her fight to own her home. She is building up her credit rating that had been shattered in the struggle for many months to try to meet fraudulently huge loan payments. She is celebrating mini-victories at every stage of the process, with her eye always on the prize. Both Linda and Leslie keep repeating: “NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!”
Meanwhile, more U.S. homeowners and renters are facing eviction as economic conditions and joblessness worsen. FYI, MNPPEHRC is now part of a USA-Canada Alliance of Inhabitants (see detail below re. the International Alliance of Inhabitants). Stay tuned for developments at the national level. 
The International Alliance of Inhabitants: the solidarity network for the right to housing without
frontiers (IAI) was founded in 2003, is a sponsor of the Zero Evictions Campaign in many countries on every continent, is a promoter of the Urban Popular University, has launched the creation of the Unitary Space of Urban Social Movements counting over 200 members from more than 30 countries, which is only the first step in the creation of the Urban Way.
It has actively participated in the new global movement and is a member of the International Council of the FSM. It collaborates with the institutions, in particular with the Local Authorities Forum, with profound respect for the reciprocal autonomy of each organization.
Some of its members are in the UN-Habitat Advisory Group on Forced Evictions, participating in missions to investigate and mediate in areas considered hot spots for evictions.
The Coordination Committee is made of: Cesare Ottolini-Unione Inquilini’s President-Italy (Coordinator), Cristina Almazan–UCISVVer- Mexico, Giuseppe la Biunda-Cooperativa Coralli’s President-Italy, Guillermo Rodríguez Curiel-Coordinator of the Continental Front of Municipalities Organizations (FCOC)–Mexico, Cristina Reynals–FEDEVI–Argentina, Pedro Franco-Dominican Republic Representative, Roger Muro-General Secretary of the Urban Initiatives Group (GIU)–Peru, Bartiria Lima da Costa-President of the
National Confederation of Inhabitants Associations (CONAM)–Brazil, Sidiki Daff-President of the People’s Research Centre for City Action (CERPAC)–Senegal.
The technical supporting Committee is made of: Yves Cabannes–UN-AGFE-DPU UK, Gabriele Francescotto–OPENCONTENT–Italy, Alessio Surian-Università di Padova–Italy, Cristina Reynals–UBA–Argentina, Paul Maquet Makedonski-Universidad de Lima–Peru, Carine Clément–Université-Russia

Save the Parks Family Home!

Join us as we take another strong stand to save the Parks’ home!
Tuesday, June 8, 2010
4:30 p.m.
Leslie Parks’ house: 3749 Park Ave in South Minneapolis

Do NOT let IndyMac/One West throw the Parks family out of their home! IndyMac/One West is not coming forward with a deal that the Parks family can afford. On Tuesday, June 8, we will launch another call-in campaign to keep the Parks’ home for the Parks family. It is only because of public pressure that we have gotten this far, so let’s keep it up.  Leslie says, “We did it once, we can do it again. Let’s make history!”

These are our demands that will be put forth in the call-in campaign:

1.    IndyMac/OneWest: Keep your promise! Rescind the foreclosure and sheriff’s sale!

Even though IndyMac/OneWest stated in a letter dated Nov. 25, 2009, “…we have started the process of rescinding the Trusteed Sale…” they still have not done so!

Tell them to rescind the sheriff’s sale and give Tecora Parks the title to her home!

 2.    IndyMac/OneWest: Give the Parks family an affordable loan modification!

The bank is trying to force the Parks to scramble for outside financing. This is wrong. IndyMac/OneWest was complicit in the fraudulent/scam ARM mortgage; they should be the ones to make it right to the Parks family.

The Parks need a 30-year fixed rate mortgage at an affordable rate, based on the home’s current value.

 Stay tuned for phone numbers and details in our stand against foreclosures and evictions!


By law the housing court referee judge is not permitted to grant more than a seven-day stay on evictions-only the bank can give the borrower more time, and the bank refused. Had we known that the judge could not give her more time, she might have been able to receive “Cash for Keys” via the realtor–but too late.
Barbara Byrd left Housing Court last Friday to start packing, determined to pursue litigation on her case down the road. She was relieved not to have to trudge down to court after getting off work at 8am, like she has done for months, only to wait long hours for her lawyer to cancel or come downtown with papers to file. There will be no unlawful detainer on her record.
Recap of events after bank foreclosed on her property in 2009:
July 9: Motions and affidavits filed stating that the bank’s foreclosure proceedings were improper
July 9: Motion filed for temporary stay of eviction, which is called a “temporary restraining order” on the bank
July 10: Court receives above motion
July 20:  Court hearing on motion reset to Aug.10-supporters alerted
Aug. 10: Court hearing on motion reset to Sept.16-supporters alerted
Sep. 16: Court hearing on motion reset to Oct. 21-supporters alerted
Oct. 21: Supporters gather-Barbara’s lawyer never calls her to report that Judge Alton did not have enough cases that day
              to be worth the judge’s while to come in to court to hear them. Tomorrow would be OK though! C’mon back.
Oct. 22: Hearing held. Lawyer presents documents to the court and bank defending lawyer 10 minutes before show time.
              Judge furious- case dismissed before lawyer could present her case.
Oct. 23: Her lawyer writes letter to bank’s lawyer stating that she will file a motion for amended findings in order to appeal the dismissal.
              Also in the letter he requests that Barbara have 90 more days to move out voluntarily.
Nov.23: We call the bank’s lawyer to find out what’s going on, but of course we are not permitted to speak as only lawyer-to-lawyer
              conversations are possible…as Bart would say, “I knew that.”
Jan.-April, 2010: Barbara’s lawyer refuses to talk to us, nor does he answer her calls.
April 7: Barbara receives eviction summons letters from bank, eviction hearing set for Friday, April 23rd.
April 13 Barbara goes to lawyer’s office-he tells her that they cannot win the case–he is done-he’ll return her documents.
April 14 Barbara finally can speak with the bank’s lawyer, but no documents arrive.
April 15 We go to lawyer’s office and wait three hours while he scans documents for his records, & we finally emerge with folder.
April 16 We go to housing court that Friday to request advice from the Volunteer Lawyer’s Network (VLN). After a 2 1/2 hour wait
           we are referred to the VLN intake office. Call Monday.”
April 19 We call VLN on Monday-they never received referral from court volunteer lawyer-sorry.
April 23 At housing court we are told that the volunteer lawyer on duty cannot represent her in the courtroom, only advise outside.
           Barbara signs seven-day agreement with the bank’s lawyer. Housing court judge grants us the right to speak if the bank approves,
           but the bank’s lawyer (guess what) refuses.

The Latest on the Minnesota Five

Leslie Parks’ bank just issued an ultimatum that she obtain financing to close on buying her home for $100,000 by May 15th. Clearly time is critical, especially given that city programs that might have helped are “out of money.” IF YOU KNOW of any lender who would facilitate a fixed-rate mortgage agreement with her even though her good credit rating was ruined as a result of her bank’s policies and actions –PLEASE contact us ASAP!

Meanwhile she will be speaking Friday, April 9, 4:30 p.m., on behalf of Michael Kidd (1321 23rd Ave. in North Minneapolis)-see below for details.

Barbara Byrd STILL has not received ANY response from EMC Mortgage. She waits for a call, watches for a letter, and listens every day for a knock on the door, wondering what’s going to happen. 

 Linda Norenberg is PREPARING to celebrate her victory–but NOT until papers are signed on a rate that she can afford to keep her family home in Robbinsdale. Hats off to Linda, her family and supporters…and especially to her generous lawyer Kelly for keeping up the pressure for so many months on the bank, holding out for an acceptable outcome.

Ann Patterson continues to fight for her home. She just wrote a letter to the Better Business Bureau describing the year-long run-around that Wells Fargo gave her instead of remodifying her loan. Apparently a neighbor, after a year of the same with her bank, received an immediate affordable offer from IndyMac OneWest bank after she had contacted the Better Business Bureau. So Ann resumes wait-mode in discussion with the FIFTH consecutive bank representative regarding her loan. Her mounds of documents are ready to fax yet again. BRAVO Ann!

Rosemary Williams started out from New Orleans April 4th on the PPEHRC caravan and March to Fulfill the Dream http://www.ussf2010.org/node/68 from the Delta to Detroit in time for the U.S.Social Forum (USSF) being held June 22-26. She has been making preliminary contacts with activists in the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement in cities en-route like Selma, Birmingham, and Montgomery. Many of us from Minnesota will be joining the caravan and/or attending the USSF. She plans on returning to Minneapolis briefly in mid-April, then rejoining the marchers as she continues inspiring others along the way with her message of resistance.